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Local Restaurant Hood Cleaning You Can Depend On

Action Pro Filter & Maintenance Services Inc. has been an industry leader in Madison, WI in professional restaurant hood cleaning and maintenance in the surrounding areas. Our technicians have been fully certified and with a shared 25 years of experience can be trusted to properly identify and eliminate any problem areas within your ventilation unit. Your full satisfaction is guaranteed with all of our services.

Save Yourself the Workers’ Comp Claims

Were you aware that the primary cause for kitchen employees injuries are from cleaning incidents? The major culprit? The removal and cleaning of the hood unit and filtration. Ladder usage, oil slicked equipment, sharp edges on filters and exposure to dangerous chemicals are a recipe for disaster. It is best to leave this to professionals.

On top of the personal danger, consider that restaurant dishwashers, sinks, hoses, soak tanks, or other non-industrial cleaning applications are not designed to handle the load of a cleaning job of this scope.

Leave the heavy cleaning to the professionals. Our crew has been trained to meet all the guidelines and requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 96 to keep you well within compliance and maintain a safe working environment. We’ve got the right tools for the job, have the experience necessary and are fully insured.

And That’s Not All We Can Do For You.

Our professional services include:

  • Restaurant hood cleaning
  • Stainless steel equipment cleaning
  • Extensive fan cleaning
  • Spinning of duct work
  • Checking and replacing of V-Belts
  • Ventilation and exhaust system cleaning
  • Filter replacement

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