Fan and Duct Work Cleaning

Professional Restaurant Fan and Duct Work Cleaning

In a commercial environment it’s absolutely critical to keep your equipment clean and working. Numerous safety concerns are prevalent in a dirty or clogged unit. A slow or otherwise malfunctioning fan will considerably lower the air-flow through your kitchen leading to increased smoke, less grease dispersal and other concerns. Any burnt food releases dangerous Carbon Monoxide gas. Your ventilation system is your only protection in an enclosed kitchen environment.

Over time your duct work simply becomes a trap for airborne grease, dust, and other particles. Large collections can become blockages and reduce or stop any ventilation, cause significant damage, and be a major health risk. A quarterly professional deep cleaning is recommended for most commercial locations.

Restaurant equipment can be expensive. Prolong the life of your exhaust fan and duct work with regular cleaning and keep your staff and investment protected.

We Provide a Full Range of Cleaning Services

Action Pro Filter provides the following services for your restaurant fan and duct work cleaning:

  • Stainless steel equipment cleaning
  • Extensive fan cleaning
  • Spinning of duct work
  • Checking and replacing of V-Belts
  • Ventilation and exhaust system cleaning
  • Filter replacement

We guarantee your satisfaction with all services we provide. We are fully licensed and insured and utilize only our own certified technicians.

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